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Out of control housing costs for both ownership and rental aren’t just a Greater Vancouver phenomenon. Many B.C. and Canadian communities are experiencing a worsening, wickedly complex housing crisis that has been decades in the making. Shelter insecurity has seeped into the middle and even upper-middle class, and across all age and cultural demographics.

The wealth and social gap between renters and owners is also widening. High rents, renovictions and low vacancies make many tenants insecure. Government policies often favour homeowners, offering less support for renters who can account for half of urban residents, or more.

On February 22, 2017 join us for an engaging series of conversations with renters and experts in the field, as we identify bold solutions for building the desirable, affordable and secure rental and co-op housing that BC and the rest of Canada need.

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Building the Secure Affordable Rental Stock We Need