Communities need people and people need homes.

The lack of affordable housing in Vancouver has put our city at risk. We want people to stay, live, and build a future in our city. To meet the needs of our growing population and ensure our city remains vibrant and diverse, it’s important that we have an affordable and varied supply of housing.

Housing Vancouver is our new 10-year housing strategy to reduce Vancouver’s housing affordability gap and to provide a strong foundation for the future of Vancouver. Our new housing strategy is ambitious, and will see many changes across the city to ensure our city can continue to grow its diverse communities.

Three Key Initiatives

To help address Vancouver’s housing crisis, we have implemented three key initiatives.

Empty Homes Tax

The tax has been implemented on empty or under-utilized residential properties.

Short-term rentals

The program allows owners and renters to rent their principal residence for stays under 30 days.

Temporary modular housing

Places homeless residents directly into housing with the right supports.

Housing Vancouver Strategy